Mikołaj Stefaniak

Solutions Engineer

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About me

I'm Solutions Engineer with background in design & development of cloud solutions and backend systems. I currently work as a Strategic Cloud Engineer at Google.
Before, I have worked at Equinix, IPF Digital, Asseco, Huawei and Ericsson - fintech and telco industries. Most of my 13 years long career I spent on customer projects - helping to choose right solutions and delivering them end to end. While I hold architecture and leadership roles now, I've started as a network and integrations engineer.

My professional experience:

  • 1 yr as Senior Staff Architect at Equinix
  • 3 yrs as Solution Architect at IPF Digital
  • 8 mo as Solution Architect at Asseco & Huawei
  • 2.5 yrs as Solution Architect at Ericsson
  • 6 yrs as System Integration Engineer at Ericsson
  • 1 yr as System & Network Administrator at Dag

What I do



During my career, I had the benefit of working with many architectural styles. Enterprise COTS, traditional SOA, big monoliths, microservices, cloud native and serverless. Technology keeps evolving and new trends emerge constantly. Because of that, IT architecture should focus on desired system characteristics and not on tech goodies itself. Use my knowledge of different architectural styles, technologies and ways of governing development. I will help you to build systems that meet your expectations over the time.



I’ve worked on numerous projects for many customers that ended up with great successes or left bitter lessons learned. I had luck to lead teams of passionate professionals while working arm in arm on-site or remotely, in global diverse teams. I lead by example and promote continuous improvement culture. You can leverage my experience to solve your project and team challenges.


software developer

I’m a geek and love to play with the technology. I do coding, design and code reviews, configure CI / CD pipelines, hack *nix OSes and build cloud solutions. I don't run my own linux servers anymore but still have a small cabinet and multi vlan network at home.

Contact me

Use my GPG public key if communication privacy is crucial.